Money changes everything

Most of us need more. Some lucky few have enough. Then there are those people who have no concept of its value. Regardless of how much you have, don’t have, wish you had - money changes everything.

When I was stripping, I made a decent amount of cash. It was fluid. I never worried much about having to pay for anything, but I also didn’t have any respect for money.

That was twenty years ago. It's one of life's little tricks; you never truly appreciate it when you have it  -  until you don't.

Today I live paycheck to paycheck and I am still suffering the consequences of learning to respect the value of money.

We all have crossroads in our lives that make us use words like “should.”

I should have saved money when I was making more. I should of listened to my mother. You get the idea.

But here’s the thing. You can’t get time back, so what is the point dwelling on the past? Rather than scold ourselves for mistakes we make, let's learn to applaud our good choices. Surely we have some of those too.

I am proud of myself for quitting a life of addiction and leaving the stripping life. Sure, I wish the money was still coming in the way it used to. But even though I earn less, I feel like I am worth so much more.

"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are"

* * *

So tell me: Has money changed you or anyone you know? Do you have any should’s when it comes to money?