Organized Chaos

.There are two types of people in this world; those who make lists and those who, well, don’t.

I have never been one to bullet point my chaos.

After years of futile attempts to prioritize, organize and simplify my life, I resign myself to knowing I am not designed for harmonious personal management. This is not to say I am pleased about it.

Ever since wearing pigtails I've mix-matched my hair clips, flown by the seat of my Dove shorts and struggled to understand my own hand written notes in school. I am in too much of a hurry for my own good.

I spoke with my editor on the phone this morning and we agreed on a deadline. Almost immediately the haunting chant from The Wizard of Oz played in my head: completed outline...chapters...and photos...oh my! I wonder if Dorothy had ADD.

Back when people called it scatterbrained and disorganized, I was still a pain in my ass. The medical term for that now is ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). My mind is a pinball machine with thoughts bouncing between ‘I have to’, ‘I get to’, and ‘I want to’ all the while thinking of things totally unrelated. Sometimes I read a paragraph of something and realize I have no idea what I just read, but suddenly remember I have a load of wash in the dryer. If you like excitement and disorder pull up a chair and hang out in my brain; It’s never boring and there is usually wine on hand.

I don't know how parents stay energized and organized. Seriously. If I pick up my dry cleaning, wash the car and grocery shop, I need a nap.

So this is where I ask -- am I the only one?