90's Flashback: The Strip

Waikiki at Night
Strippers from the mainland always came to Waikiki to work and hearing their stories left me chomping at the bit. Having never left the island, I felt it was time to take myself on an adventure and see how the rest of the world lived; well one town anyway.

Three years into my life as a stripper at 22 years old, I hopped on a plane to California from Hawaii after purchasing a one-way air ticket. I figured I would make my return fare home on stage, whenever I felt like making it back to the island.
For work, I checked out the scene at Star Strip and a handful of other dives, but decided on The Seventh Veil located right on the Sunset Strip. Mötley Crüe filmed part of their video for Girls Girls Girls there so that was all I needed.
Although I was officially on a working vacation, I still found time to let my overly teased and Aquanetted hair down - not to mention make very questionable fashion chioces. Below are some Polaroid’s from a night after work at The Whisky on Sunset. It's safe to say, I was going through an all-white nurse-fantasy fashion phase.

The complete story of my Hollywood adventure will be told in the book.

Thanks so much for your interest and following. It really helps keep me going.