Selfish Selflessness

.Think of your children. If you don’t have your own, but lucky enough to have little ones in your life like me, think of them.

Think of them coming to you for help. Their little eyes tearing up, staring at you for love and support.

Perhaps there is trouble in school with a bully or they lost a soccer game. Maybe their fragile heart is broken for the first time or...maybe they just feel blue.

Whatever the hurt, you are unconditionally there for your kids with unwavering support. You hold them close and let them cry. The encouragement and love you provide wraps their little hearts like cashmere by the fire. There is no safer place than your arms.

No matter what your kids’ ages, they will always be your babies.

So tell me - What stops you from being there for yourself?

When you don’t get the promotion, a friend moves away or get your heart broken for the millionth time; remember you have your own arms.

Provide the same care to your inner child as you do to your babies and the example you make will last a lifetime.

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection" - Buddha