Doing the right thing

I just read an article about a family who found $45,000 (cash) hidden away in the attic of their new home. They returned the money.

It's a refreshing change of pace to read good news, and I wanted to share the story. It also causes me to reflect; would I have returned the money? Would you have?

There are many times in life where we find ourselves in a crossroads - do we do the right thing when faced with a moral dilemma? Not always, but it's nice to know it does happen from time to time.

I once found cash in a wallet I found on the street. My boyfriend [at the time] and I tried to find the owner ourselves, but when we weren't able to, we gave it to a police officer. It made us feel pretty awesome even though we talked about taking the cash out of the wallet first. In the end, we did the right thing.

I like to think what comes around goes around.

So tell me -- have you experienced a time in your life when you chose to do the right (or wrong) thing?