Amazing new blog

There is a new article about sugar EVERYONE needs to read. It will change your life. It is written by Sophie Venable, the lovely radio host who I had the pleasure of meeting last week on her LA Talk Radio show.

Please read (and follow) her new blog:  Sophie Venable.

Recently in the Top 20 chosen out of 15,000 in the Good Morning America Advice Guru Search, Sophia brings years of personal and professional insight to her advice. She holds two Psychology degrees and is a Certified Professional Life Coach. The breadth and depth of her life experience allows her to quickly get to the root of personal and professional issues, helping people make change and achieve their full potential.

To read her latest article (and follow!) click HERE.

Stay tuned to her site because this woman has a lot to say, and she's going to share it with us.

Tell her I sent you so she feels the LOVE and knows how awesome this Blogger community is.

Thank you friends!