Facing my fear. Again.

I'm such a nervous flier.

Sitting here at my gate, waiting to board my flight to New York it feels like deja vu.

Sort of.

I was here recently with my best gal pal Becky and she helped get my obsessive mind off my fear of flying.

Today, I sit alone - waiting for my plane.

I am headed back to The Big Apple for a writer's conference and I couldn't be happier. I just wish I could blink my eyes and be there.

LOVE to travel. Hate to fly. 

I've never flown by myself this far without any drugs to calm my nerves. As a recovering addict, it's kind of frowned upon.

So I sit. And I sit.

To combat my obsessive mind with the worst that could happen, I lose myself in watching the people around me. I imagine their story, wondering if anybody else is as nervous as I am. I listen to the cute elderly couple chat about the weather. There's a certain calmness brushed over me when I secretly invite myself to someone's little travel world at the gate.

I think it's time to board shortly so I better log off.

I'll check in from New York. Thanks for listening to me freak out.