Realist...or romantic?

We've all been there - the feeling of butterflies - or nausea - or both, when we fall in love.

Love is so powerful, there are entire genres dedicated to the topic. Songs, movies, television shows. Everyone is trying to find it, get over it, get it back, or simply remember it.

I've been in love a total of two times. My current fella is #2. The first time I was in love was over twenty years ago.

I don't get out much.

There is such as being in love with Love. I have gladly suffered this romantic plight my entire life. It's the thing that gets us to go to keep trying, but it's also the thing that caused me to try too hard. I tried to fit the circles in to squares. I dated a few circles who, I knew were wrong for me, but that feeling of thinking I was in love chased me down like cupid on steroids.

So tell me, are you a realist or romantic? How do you know when you feel love?