Crazy is the new black

Being medicated is like being in the criminal system: once you get locked in, it’s hard to get out.

I’ve been called coke whore, boozer, pill-popper and just plain crazy. I have answered to all. When unsupervised, my brain can be chaos.

Thanks to self-induced damage from decades of abuse and good old fashioned hard-wiring there is nothing more I can do than embrace The Crazy.

I am obsessive.

I am a drama queen.

I am compulsive.

I use double spacing and fragmented sentences for effect.

The reason I love Carrie Fisher so much (and Wishful Drinking) is because we share the same balls-out attitude. What is the alternative - shame? I don't have the right wardrobe for that. 

Everyone has a story. So tell me -- what's yours?

Anonymous comments welcome.