Complimentary Kindness

If you are like me, getting a compliment can make your day. Who doesn't love it when they hear that color looks great on you, I love your shoes, or you're a great cook?

For some of us, taking a compliment is not as easy as one may think. Emotional baggage and self deprecating thoughts are fun.

I am learning to take a compliment after years of thinking I was never enough. You know the feeling - when you are a teenager and feel like you are not pretty enough... strong enough... smart enough. Some of us never shake that off and as adults, it's hard to actually believe we are worthy. Compliments are the cherry on our ice cream sundaes of self love.

It seems we give compliments so generously to children, but when did this act of kindess stop for adults? Does it make us feel vulnerable when we open up the door of selflessness in the way of making someone feel better without any personal gain? The world would be a more loving place if grown-ups treated one another with the same kindness we treat children.

Let's start this weekend: If you think something positive about someone, tell them; simple as that. It can be a stranger who is wearing a cool hat or great pair of shoes. Maybe you have a dear friend who always makes you laugh (have you told them?). The feeling you get, when you see their eyes and smile, will be priceless.

Let's pay it forward; one compliment at a time.

"I can live for two months on a good compliment" ~ Mark Twain