Holy Sh*t!

. "Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul" ~Samuel Ullman

I knew I was a grown up when…


I could stay out all night and go to work the following day unscathed
Random sex was considered a rite of passage
I could buy my own booze and cigarettes
I hosted parties in my own apartment (filled with hand-me-down furniture from mom)
I used drugs to escape my flaws


Tried to stay out all night but called I sick to work the following day
I moved far away from my home town
I got my own place – with all my own furniture
I fell in love with the idea of who he wanted me to be
Dusting off my dreams was a rite of passage


The thought of staying out all night makes me sleepy
I look at old photos and can’t believe I smoked cigarettes
Fell in love with the person, not the idea of Love
I am taking action to attain my dreams – realizing no one is going to do this for me
A clean bill of health from my doctor is a rite of passage

So how about you?
Finish the sentence: I knew I was a grown up when...