Alternative Mainstream

It’s been said my personality can be a combination of Karen Walker, Grace Adler, and a splash of Will Truman thrown in for good measure. The good measure being I am slightly neurotic.

My BGF (Best Gay Forever) reminds me so much of “Just Jack”, I call him Poodle. He and I share under-eye concealer, dance to Madonna in our jammies, and share empathetic laughter drinking vodka martinis during the holidays. Gays are fun.

Thanks to television shows like Will and Grace, the newly popular Modern Family and of course Ellen DeGeneres, I am happy more people are slowly starting to get on the bedazzled bandwagon.

Now, I have not created a television show but as an activist for equal rights, I do what I can to support the cause.

I recently joined celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley’s NOH8 Campaign and wrote a post about my feelings on the subject here.

After reading my article, Chuck Sambuchino (author of Guide to Literary Agents) asked me to write a guest column for his blog.

Chuck is the real deal. He donates his time and energy helping aspiring writers from all genres to find their way in to the market.

Every writer’s bookshelf should house Guide to Literary Agents (along with The Writer’s Market) and subscribe to his blog.

Thanks to Chuck and his site, I know more about agents, query letters and proposals - and I am confident with the direction my memoir is taking.
You will find my article: Alternative Mainstream on Chuck’s site here. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

Here’s to a world where the only line between alternative and mainstream culture is sprinkled confetti.