What do you expect?

It's been said that if you never want to be disappointed, rid yourself of all expectations. Some live their lives lowering the bar as a result of having lived through one...more...painful...realization after another.

We settle. Muting the music in our hearts, allowing our dreams to fade. But for what?

As we get older (and...wiser?), our spirits seem to level. The weight of Life pulls us down, and, as if overnight, we find ourselves knee deep in responsibilities. Our laughter becomes a distant memory, and those moments of pure delight hover within the walls of our daily struggles. We self-medicate, buying the lie that life really isn't that hard.

Or maybe it's just me.

Along my journey to self-discovery, I seem to keep needing to learn the same lessons. I continue to make poor choices and, therefore, continue to be let down. A revolving door at Hotel Told You So. It's a slow and painful process and some days I just want to fall back on what I know.

But what if all we know is disappointment? Then it's time to change the channel.

Having zero expectations may ensure we never get let down, but is this how we want to live our lives - expecting nothing - when there's so much we deserve? Perhaps it's not a matter of expecting, but rather believing we are worth much more than what we've settled for.

So what about you? Have you lowered your expectations to accommodate disappointment, or have you raised the bar with your choices? I'd love to hear your thoughts.