Shift to Bliss

Remember when we were kids playing in the sprinklers on a warm, sunny day? How about when we sang our favorite tune at the top of our lungs when we first learned to drive a car? Or the first time your lips met with that special someone? Whatever the vehicle, Love is always walking in our lives. And to Love, to give Love, to experience something you Love - Love in all forms - is pure bliss.

In moments of pure bliss, something uncontrollable happens inside us. It comes from a place deep within the walls of our hearts and dances around our spirit like a feather in the wind. A soul-awakening, if you will, full of gratitude, acceptance, happiness and adoration.

So why do some people seem to have more of this Bliss Drug than others? Are they luckier in love, have more money than us, or are they just in a state of perpetual ignorance, because how can anyone be that happy?

Having struggled with clinical depression for years (things are peachy now, thank Goodness), I wish I could just tell you that when it comes to serious depression - the only way to find your Happy is to ride a bike, go on a walk, or eat more broccoli.

But we know better.

I don't presume to know more than that of your average, everyday Hot Mess, so I won't get in to the whole "it's a brain chemistry thing". But it is and the faster you get medical attention, the better. If you find yourself not wanting to get out of bed for days (weeks) on end ("isolating"), aren't eating much, or eating (or drinking) too much, please call your doctor and reach out. IT DOES GET BETTER.

So back to those pesky Blissed-out people. Seriously, what's their deal?

Keep in mind, I am medicated for depression and I'm just a middle-aged writer who used to work the stripper pole for a living - but I think part of finding our Happy is a matter of choice. Attitude. Gratitude. Choice.

No matter how life ruffles our feathers, kicks our asses when we are down or laughs in our faces when we try - the one thing for sure is certain. The rollercoaster never ends. Kids, husbands, wives, work, school, money issues, health matters... do I need to go on?

One of my resolutions this year is to Honor My Truth. Being 100% honest with yourself is not as easy as it sounds when you have a brain like mine. My head is always in the clouds, remember? I've made some poor choices lately - not being honest with myself - in thinking I was able to handle the cause-and-effects of my decisions. In honoring my truth, I had to make some changes to get my heart and soul back on track. Who was I kidding? I don't have the right wardrobe for Denial.

As a ripple effect to honoring my truth something amazing has been happening. I'm starting to feel better about myself, which is having me change the way I look at things. Suddenly work isn't so draining, my love life, not so bleak, and my health is improving as I begin to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing Happy isn't so hard when you put yourself first. And when you put yourself first, others who do the same seem to surround you. People notice a shift in your attitude. You are lighter. Dare we say, Blissful?

Love in abundance is a beautiful thing and you don't need to have a romantic partner to experience it (I'm currently single and excited for life's possibilities). Pure Bliss can happen when we shift our attitudes and remind ourselves that Love really is around us. Remember those sprinklers and singing your heart out in the car? That was all you and only you - experiencing the magic of what happens when we open our hearts and minds.

For me - remembering to honor my truth and have faith in myself - that if I live my life with Love and Compassion - is what's helping me from jumping off the rollercoaster on those really low days.

What about you? What helps you keep a positive attitude? Your comments may just change someone's day.