The waiting is the hardest part

Are you the type of person who stands in front of the microwave tapping your foot thinking "C'mon!"?  If so, you are not alone.

Many of us are impatient. Whether standing in long lines or waiting for our dinner to re-heat, we just can't stand to wait. I don't know how I survived the tape cassette decade. All that rewinding, fast forward-ing... it was torture!

In my quest for my old stripper body, I started eating healthy and hitting the gym again. Three weeks have gone by and the weight is coming off, but it's coming off SLOWLY.

My fear is that I will get frustrated that I am not at my goal weight fast enough, drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice-cream and chalk it up to just being "in my 40s".  Then part of me realizes that's silly and I talk myself off the Häagen-Dazs ledge and get back to working on myself.

Never one to back down from a fear-induced fight (with myself), I will forge ahead - impatiently.

It's been said a watched pot never boils. I'm sure the same thought process works for the scale. I will try my best not to weigh in daily and go about life living healthy and happy, as I have been. Fitness is a bi-product of a lifestyle, after all. I am getting in to better shape not because I am happy - but I am happy because I am in better shape.

So how about you? Are you impatient with anything?

"Self worth comes from one thing - knowing you are worthy"