Beyond the Comfort Zone

Every day I am reminded about how strong I am capable of being.

Having just resurfaced back in the gym last week, I feel like such a newbie. I have little endurance right now and my muscles are weak. It doesn’t help matters when I see an elderly woman pedaling her heart out on the stationary bike, or grandpa running next to me as I struggle to power walk on the treadmill. I know I’ll get stronger every day, but at the moment I see them all I can think of is: wow, I hope I am in that kind of shape when I am their age (ok, my age).

When I am walking, pedaling or pulling my weight at the rowing machine, I zone out. I take myself back to a place when on stage I was a fit, young woman with a stripper’s physique. Body parts didn’t sag and my belly was rock solid. With every step I see her – that gal with the stripper body – and I push myself a little harder.

We are all capable of pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Questioning our limits can be a rewarding and healthy experience. I am grateful for the people at the gym (especially the senior citizens). Just by watching them, and visualizing myself in better shape, I push myself a little harder each time I work out. I can’t wait to peel off these layers of self-doubt and see where my focus takes me.

So tell me – what motivates and inspires you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone?