Dancer's Reunion

Me and Lara - Early 90s in Waikiki

In thirteen weeks I will be on a plane to Las Vegas. I'm excited for the mini-vacation away from work, but mostly because I am reuniting with two ladies with whom I share my stripper past.

There is something about living such unique lifestyle that only people who've lived it can relate. I haven't had that connection in years and thanks to Facebook, I am in touch with my long lost friends from back in the day.

We had a ball together. Drinking too much and then some - but somehow always landing on our feet. We helped one another grow up during a time when we thought we knew it all. I can't wait to see them as the remarkable ladies I know they've become.

It's been nearly 20 years since we have seen or even spoken to eachother. Something tells me as soon as I see them it will feel like no time has passed at all.

Donna and I - Halloween in Waikiki - early 90s

I will be sure to take photos and fill you in on the reunion, but until then, I've included some old photos of us gals back in our early 20s.

As a result of being a stripper for so long, I have a pretty good case of BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER. I am a little obsessed with my body image and have a fear of how people from "back then" will see me now.

I am nervous about how I look now in comparison to what my body looked like back then. No longer a drug user and in my early 40s, I can tell you I wouldn't be caught dead in hot pants - Halloween or not!

Nerves aside, I know these gals will accept and love me no matter what. And that makes for one special reunion. See you ladies soon!