My body is a wonderland?

Not to judge my internal organs, but my gall bladder seems like a real bitch.  She gave me an attack just days before the New Year (was in hospital for 2 days), and now, after she’s gone an intense pain is left her wake.

I had gall bladder removal surgery yesterday. The pain meds are not working. One thing about my old stripper days and drug taking is that – the drugs worked. I’m not proud of the fact I was a Party Girl who loved her MDMA and Cocaine, but I didn’t need to double my dosages to feel anything.

Which brings me to an interesting point: maybe taking all those drugs back then is why I am so immune to the feeling of being high on prescription meds now. All I know is I had to basically double (some cases triple) my dosage to get some relief.

After coming home yesterday, Kevin was an angel. He fed me, nursed me and put up with my whining/screaming/crying.  I really won the jackpot there.

So here I am – 4:00 in the morning having just woken up from the pain. But it’s more manageable today. I got out of bed (ok, slid) on my own, which is a HUGE improvement from just hours earlier.

In my career as a stripper, I had to endure some aches and pains along the ride, but if you would have told me I’d be recovering from gall bladder surgery “twenty years from now”, I would have laughed, bent over, and gladly accepted your tip.Then I would have gone out to a club, drank tons of booze and ingested some street drugs.

Even though my bum gall bladder is a result in good old-fashioned hereditary, I take full responsibility for not taking better care of myself.

I am writing a chapter on the drug years this week. This surgery puts a whole new perspective on how much internal disrespect I had for my body. The lesson I am taking away from this surgery is that no matter what, our bodies are our heaven. We must treat them with care, respect and love.

Here is the part where you tell me - Have you ever disrespected your body?