Celebration of gray

Every morning I see her, this 40-something woman in the mirror. A silver ribbon weaved within her chestnut hair, as if carefully placed behind every breath of time.

She stares back at me, smiling. Her fingers lace the silver and gently brush its strands away from her skin.

She lets out a sigh of acceptance. The reality of it all wraps her in comfort. She is blessed with the opportunity of aging.

The fact I am living long enough to witness such a natural phenomenon as my hair turning gray is what pulls me closer to the mirror each day. Fascination trumps vanity as another day closes and the box of hair color in my bathroom drawer remains untouched.

I think about letting nature take the wheel sometimes and just letting my natural color seep through but at 41, the aging invasion is still only arriving in patches. Never one to pull off leopard print, I opt for full coverage color. Eventually.

Today, I celebrate the gray. I've earned every strand.

* * *

So tell me, what aging phenomenon fascinates you? Are you embracing your aging?