Just a day?

My friends and I out to dinner on Mommy's Day Getaway

Four years ago I hosted a well deserved and much needed Mommy’s Day Getaway in honor of my amazing mommy-friends. The idea was simple. To kidnap my girlfriends for one night and get pampered in a resort hotel. Naturally there would be champagne and a fabulous dinner in our jammies.

I worked hard on putting this event together. I wanted to show how much love and appreciation I had (and still do!) for anyone taking on the colossal task of motherhood.

I have never regretted making the choice to not have children. I am still raising my inner child. I am too selfish to have a baby just because I would want to be a mom. I would not be able to give my life to that child the way all kids deserve to be loved and cared for. This is why I am there for my friend’s kiddos as much as I can be. Believe me when I tell you – they are part of my heart.

Moms are the CEOs of their family. They are therapists, chefs, housekeepers, doctors, clowns and yes even police officers when they have to be. Moms rarely get to punch the clock at five. Between dinner, homework, bath time, stories, and the never ending laundry piles, they are lucky to hang their hats before the late news.

Dads are great too, don’t get me wrong but it’s not the same. I only speak from what I’ve witnessed in my own circle of friends and I realize every family is unique, but generally, and in my group, moms are stretched so thin you could knock ‘em down with a feather. Ironically, they are the strongest women I know.

So back to the Mommy’s Day Getaway. Let me just tell you - magic happened. There were gals from all over California and most of us have been friends for decades so it was truly a family affair. Between Massages, nail buffing, champagne sipping and pool lounging…. We were in heaven. I don’t remember anyone stressing about the kids, or even checking their phones. I saw my girls taking a moment being just them, women, adults - and it made me so happy.

We stayed in a high end resort in Laguna Beach at the penthouse overlooking the ocean.

I miss my girls and hope we get to have another getaway again soon. We owe it to ourselves.

If you have an idea of getting your group together for your own Mommy’s Day Getaway – DO IT. Any month will do. Just pick a night and plan around schedules. You will be amazed how much you needed this and deserved it.

Happy Mommy’s Day, ladies.

Here’s to another year of kicking ass and not going insane. Well. Kind of.