Coullda, Shoullda, Woullda

HHow many of us think I coullda, shoullda, woullda?

Some will say they
never do. I know it's fashionable to play the no regrets card. I get it. I understand that who we are today is directly related to our choices in the past, no matter how poor some were.

When it comes to regrets I have some doozies, but I don’t focus on the past. What is now, is alive and filled with promise. What echoes behind me are lessons and memories woven within my spirit and strength of character.

We may not always be proud of our history, but we all share a common bond of owning it.
So the next time you find yourself saying coullda, shoullda, woullda, give yourself permission to let it go. I am learning to do that.

You can’t open up new doors if you carry around old keys.