Envelope Pusher


Call it a Scorpio thing (I do) but I break rules. I stay up past my bedtime, toss the batteries in the garbage and wear white after Labor Day.

This is not to say I am rude.

I take pleasurable stock in the little
pay it forward' things I do during the week. Grocery Girl only carrying three items behind my half full cart? Go ahead... I have rags to read in line. Left Turn Guy wants in my lane? I make a point to flag the person in against traffic.

Pushing the envelope is fun for me. Maybe it's the thrill of getting caught, but I find it exciting and even sometimes romantic.

When Kevin and I went on an illegal goose chase last month for the greater good of our new bedroom, no one was arrested, and we got a great I can't believe we did that rush.

Tonight, just staying up past my "Spring Forward" bedtime is fun.

Nothing crazy mind you. For now, I sit and enjoy my Pinot Noir, the sound of Kevin snoring while I watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime.

So tell me. What things do you like to do to push the envelope???