Cloak of Keyboards

You can be anyone you want to be on line.

So many of us hide behind photographs - some are no
t even of us. We flirt. We bend the truth. We lurk.

Some of us remember a time when there was no Internet. What did we chose for armor then? Are we now bolder because we can be - behind the computer screen?

Sometimes people try to be someone they are not; the fantasy of actually succeeding is intoxicating. The fantasy drives us to act in ways we never would in person.

I find it fascinating that most of us are braver behind the keys. I wonder - what would it take for us to behave that way in our everyday lives off line and why don't we do so?
If our answer is that we would not behave in such a way other than on line, it begs the question: What are we so ashamed of?